The social tea blending experience

HoiTea ToiTea’s “Wild Berry Blast”

HoiTea ToiTea’s “Wild Berry Blast”

Tea Class

Our Tea Blending event is education in the form of entertainment with edibles! 90 minutes fly by when you are enjoying our Scrumptious Edibles while learning about tea as well as herbs and spices that compliment our base blends. We teach you about tea, herbs, spices, fruit and flowers including a brief history, health benefits, and complimentary pairings. Our Tea Event allows you to learn more about tea while meeting other tea enthusiasts and creating your own blend. All you need to bring are your taste buds and you will leave with 2 custom blends of tea that steep to you! Happy sipping. Click here to see availability.

  1. 1. Sign up

    • Click your Calendar selection (Custom Tea Blending)
    • Choose your event and REGISTER
  2. 2. Show Up

    • Check the start time and location of your event and arrive a few minutes early to sit in your favorite seat!
    • All of your ingredients are waiting to create your Blend
    • The class includes 2 bags for you to label with your own creation, fill them with your own blend, and take home with you to enjoy or as gift to a friend!
    • Get ready for proper fun that’s far from pretentious!
  3. 3. Ready to Blend!

    • Our talented tea enthusiasts will educate you on the featured custom blending ingredients, their health benefits, and taste
    • Smell the aroma, enjoy the flavors, and let’s talk tea!